Michael Shaw

05/24/2018 16:50
From the mind of Ella, 10 year old granddaughter of Grammy Gram...It’s cool how you have so much faith. I like the poem. I feel thankful, happy, and loved. I think it was a good blog. Mom, this was a great post. I love the thought you realize you can never do enough, and that’s actually okay. Because it’s not the actions that cause God to love us, it’s just being a person that is close to him. These words are inspirational and easily followed to help us realize it’s all about Grace. Thank you.

Carmen Shaw

05/20/2018 14:19
What a beautiful message and I say keep on keeping on.

Marcie Cramsey

05/19/2018 19:08
Beautiful, Valerie. Heartfelt, honest, and powerful. I’m glad your son encouraged you. You are a good writer that inspires others. :) The breaks we take from blogging are good for our soul. I have to retreat from time to time too. It’s a sabbatical that makes my relationship with Christ richer, therefore, what I pour into others has greater impact.