16 Jun

As Father's Day approaches, I am thinking of my dad, who went to be with the Lord almost twenty years ago.  He was a godly man; not prideful, but humble and kind.  Our children need fathers and grandfathers to engage their hearts, that they may catch a glimpse of our heavenly Father, who loves them beyond their wildest imaginations.  

Today, I am especially thankful for my dad.  I am thankful that because he was faithful, I know the ONE who is always faithful.  And, that, my dear friends is GOOD NEWS!  Today, I am sharing a poem I wrote shortly after my dad passed away.  This is for you, Dad!

I use to have a question

to which I pondered in my mind:

“How did my son grow up to be

so thoughtful, warm and kind?”

But as I listened closely

to your eulogy, he gave;

the answer to my question

became as clear as day.

You set a great example;

he watched you as he grew.

You were his faithful Grandpa;

He could count on you.

You were not one to criticize,

so patient, warm and kind.

Men like you in such a world

are truly hard to find.

When I look at my son,

I see his warmth and love,

Reminding me that a part of you

is with me from above.

Although you’ve gone from this life,

your memory lives on.

you’ve passed your greatest

qualities to my beloved son!

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